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Duration: 7:00 Views: 5 038 Submitted: 3 years ago
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Description: REMASTERED UPDATE<br> <br> Part 1:<br> This week Lara and I are in the beautiful Peak District of England, which I strongly recommend to everyone to visit! Anyway, travelling down one of the empty roads, I spied a damsel in distress looking under the bonnet of her car. I approached her with my secret camcorder and asked, "Have you broken down?" which was a stupid question, because why on Earth would a girl be looking under a car bonnet? It transpired that her name was supposedly "Holly Kiss" but I think she had a suspicious resemblance to that star of stage and screen "Liz Hurley." She had an arse to die for, especially clad in her skin tight denims. Anyway I managed to convince her to come back to my place for some hot porno action! <hr> Part 2:<br> Holly is so gorgeous I just had to stretch her over 2 weeks. I mean to say, some of you could have had a cardiac arrest if you'd had all her sexiness crammed in to a single week. Dressed in her stockings and high heels and bent over a table is a sight that will be burnt into my memory for ever. Her bum was a perfect sphere and peachy pink. These posh birds are always gagging for it, (So I'm told) Thank God I managed to get her back to my place before the car repair man had arrived!