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Description: Yes like every other guy we sit around and think of ways to get laid. It’s just what guys do. Our current full proof plan for pussy is pretending like we are personal trainers so we can get closer to the ladies bathing suit areas without getting slapped, feel them up a bit and if were lucky we can work our way between the cheeks and into their baby makers. Today we ventured into the gym here and saw a sexy young Latina working out all alone. Time to put the plan into effect. We mozied our way over and right off the bat she was a bitch. We barley opened our mouths and she shot us down. We left for a second, admired her tail for far away and decided that amazing backfield deserved a second chance. We regrouped and made a second run at it. This time we made some progress and Megan accepted out invite back to my place for a deep muscle workout. I showed her some before and after pics of girls I've trained and she was impressed and wanted to start right away and you know me; always ready to go to work on sexy ass lady! We did routine thingsthat got me closer to her ass and by mistake my dick rubbed against her pussy… or was it a mistake. She was surprised at first but later warmed up to it after I told her about the erotic exercises and she spreads her legs quick for me to jump in and eat her pierced pussy!!! This girl Megan played hard to get in the beginning but in the end I cracked her thighs and got what I wanted!