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Sweet CJ with perfect body receives a huge chili dog

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Description: REMASTERED UPDATE<br> <br> Part 1:<br> Well, you don't get squaddies in the British Army looking like CJ. She knocked into me, whilst I was going for a Sunday stroll looking for tasty birds. I must admit she reminded me of Demi Moore in GI Jane with the cropped hair. But what a beautiful babe. Remember it's babes like this, who lived on the other side of the Iron Curtain, that our lunatic politicians wanted to nuke back in the old days! Anyway, I'll say no more, just enjoy! <hr> Part 2:<br> Here's Part 2 of CJ, I'm afraid CJ is so damn hot, that she puts the HOT into Hottentot and far too much to fit into just one week. Anyway this week I get to fuck her cute, tight, little arse which was quite a struggle to get into, but I persevered! That's true British grit for you! Like Hillary climbing Everest, OK, he was a New Zealander, but sort of British by default.........enough of my jibba-jabber. Many of you will be relieved to know that next week we are back with a CUTE MILF IN A SCHOOL UNIFORM AND HER HAIR IN BUNCHES called Tanya, so watch out!